Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, school staff, or community member, the back-to-school jitters are real!

This shift impacts us all now as we are preparing for the fall. Below are some tips and things to consider as schools are opening back up.

As schools are reopening for in-person participation, traffic will be busier, this means shifting your schedule to allow for a smoother morning! Whether that includes getting up earlier or readjusting your routine, it may be helpful to start a few days or weeks ahead to give you some time to get used to the upcoming changes. This is because not only is this a physical shift for your body but also a mental shift.

If you commute using public transportation or not used to being around a lot of people since COVID, keep in mind that it might be more crowded than usual as students and more community members are getting back to in person work. This can bring up some anxiety, thus, it is important mentally prepare for what is to come. Something that could be helpful is creating a self-care kit for yourself. This can be something virtual or even a physical kit you can carry with you! These are things you can utilize on your commute or when you feel uncomfortable at work or at school.

Self-care virtual kit (on your phone or any device) can include:

  1. A playlist of songs that bring you comfort.
  2. An album of pictures of your favorite memories or pictures that make you feel good to look through for example images of puppies/kittens or beaches/ nature
  3. Games that allow you to take your mind off things when playing
  4. List of people you know you can text or call to check in and talk to
  5. Apps you can utilize for guided meditation or breathing exercises (for example, Headspace or the Calm app)

A physical Self Care kit can include:

  1. A book that you enjoy
  2. Photos
  3. A quote written out that brings you comfort
  4. Book of games (word search, sudoku, crossword)
  5. Stress ball to squeeze
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Snacks
  8. Headphones
  9. Coloring books
  10. A journal to jot down some of your thoughts and feelings

Creating this for yourself or encouraging the kids/teens in your lives to do so as well could be helpful to have something to look forward to in times of distress.

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