An “occupational phenomenon”… that’s how the World Health Organization (WHO) identified workplace burnout. 

But these workplaces can look different for people. Students get burned out from school, parents get burned out with the responsibilities of parenting, and workers get burned out from their jobs.

Here are a few ways to combat burnout…

  • Avoid making too many commitments. If you found yourself overwhelmed, declining additional work is necessary.
  • Choose your priorities wisely. (creating a priorities list) e.g., of a priorities list below:
  • Set the right tone for what constitutes a workday/ Take lunch/ breaks
  • Build and maintain personal and professional support networks
  • Hold others accountable for their responsibilities/ don’t own other’s responsibilities

Ways to decline additional work when you’re experiencing burnout…

  • Use “I” statement instead of “You” or “we” e.g.: “I’m glad you came to me with this opportunity, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to tackle it at this time.”
  • Suggest an alternative:  Propose to share your input instead of completing the whole task or suggest a colleague’s name who would be able take on additional work responsibilities.
  • Explain your current workload: “Thank you for thinking of me for this project, however currently I am working on _____________ that is taking up majority of my time at work”.
  • Acknowledge the request tactfully: discuss appropriate deadlines that would allow you to balance work/life in a healthy manner.

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