That anxious feeling is scary, we know…

It can feel like a ghost wandering in the background, ready to scare you at any moment. It can be tricky dealing with anxiety. However, we have a treat for you! Below are some grounding techniques for when you’re feeling anxious this season.

5,4,3,2,1 Coping Technique…

This is a tool where you use your FIVE senses to bring you back to the current moment and focus on your body. Follow these five steps below to recenter yourself during uncomfortable moments.

5: Name FIVE things you see around you.

It could be a book, a spot on the ceiling, anything in your surroundings.

4: Feel FOUR things you can touch around you.

It could be your hair, a pillow, or the ground under your feet.

3: Listen to THREE things you hear.

This could be any external sound. If you can hear your belly rumbling that counts! Focus on things you can hear outside of your body.

2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell.

Maybe you are in your office and smell pencil, or maybe you are in your bedroom and smell a candle. If you need to take a brief walk to find a scent, you could smell soap in your bathroom, or nature outside.

1: Think of ONE thing you can taste.

What does the inside of your mouth taste like? – gum, coffee, or the sandwich from lunch? And if you want to go all the way, perhaps even put a piece of mint in your mouth and focus on the taste.

A Journal Prompt: “Name the monster”

Sometimes personifying an emotion can help us see it more objectively. For example, if anxiety can look like anything, what would it look like? Would it look like a monster, a ghoul, or a creepy spider? If you were to have a conversation with anxiety, what would the dialogue sound like? Find a safe space and journal out your conversation with anxiety. This can be a clarifying experience where you can face your fears!

Using your Imagination…

Your thoughts have the power to change how you feel. Just like the costume we put on helps us embody the character we are bringing to life as we celebrate Halloween. This is an exercise to try when you are struggling with an anxious thought. Think of the thought that is making you feel uncomfortable and imagine placing the thought inside of a balloon. Hold on to the balloon and when you feel ready, let go of it and watch the thought with the balloon fly through the clouds slowly leaving you. Poof it’s gone, and it no longer has any control over you.

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