It’s still a lot of changes to handle…

Even though COVID-19 has changed a lot over the last many months, there’s still a lot of uncertainty and plenty to navigate. Masks? Distancing?… And then there is loss. And loss takes all kinds of forms. Your favorite activities may look a lot different now, you may not spend time with friends in the same way you once did, and then there are friends and family you have lost.

There’s simply a lot going on right now and feeling stressed or anxious is to be expected. The key is what you do with the stress and anxiety – how do you handle it so it doesn’t get a hold on you.

The Vaccine…

Brought to you by the NYS Office of Mental Health

How to cope with the Pandemic:

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Help comes in many forms…

For some people, their emotional needs exceed the support and resources NY Project Hope offers.

Here’s the story of one person who chose to seek a different level of help and wanted share that experience…


We’ve all had to adjust…

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis, but much of the focus has been on aspects of physical health. Some may not realize that a mental health crisis has also emerged. This collection of six episodes focusing on common experiences such as fear of getting sick, school and work from home, grief from losing a loved one, social isolation, and the experience of essential workers from fellow New Yorkers just like you. Each episode can be watched separately but we recommend you watch them in order.

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However you are feeling is okay…


Do something physical

Try a breathing exercise

Jump into a Meditation


Distract yourself

Visualize the best-case situation

Practice Grounding Techniques


Get active!

Spend time with supportive people

Share your concerns

Here are some tips…


Try yoga or tai chi

Avoid making big decisions

Relax with a breathing exercise


Talk about how you feel

Seek and accept peer support


Spend time with family and friends

Pace yourself

Find things that make you laugh

To help you cope with your emotions



Nurture close relationships with loved ones

Be aware when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (HALT)

Try Meditation



Do more leisure activities

Increase your positive actions

Maintain a healthy work-life balance


Set limits and maintain good boundaries!

Participate in self-care

Try to avoid frequent use of alcohol and other drugs

There is always help…

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