With Mother’s Day approaching, some may feel excited to celebrate the moms in their lives or even more excited to be celebrated as a mom.

While others who may have lost a parent or a child may be feeling the grief and loss centered around the holiday especially during the pandemic. It may even bring up complex emotions as you see ads about the holiday and posts on social media. Whatever comes up for you, we want you to know that you’re not alone. The challenges that Covid-19 has brought on, combined with the grief that you or your loved one may be experiencing during this time, is valid and respected. Below are some tips on how to cope this week.  

However, it is you’re feeling, we want you to know we’re thinking of you and are here for you! 

1. Acknowledge the emotions you or your loved one may be feeling.

If you are grieving during this period, take some time to check in with yourself. Give yourself some extra lovin’ and compassion today! Whether that looks like your favorite cup of tea or a song that makes you feel good, YOU deserve it! If you have a loved one that may be grieving, acknowledge their pain! Instead of avoiding the subject saying something like “this is probably a really hard day for you and asking, “How can I support you today?” could mean a lot to them.

2. Stay off social media for the day

Many people will be posting about how they are spending the holiday. It could be hard to see those posts when you’re grieving. Instead, think about some ways you can spend the day. Plan to do things that make you feel happy or spend time with people who understand your feelings.

3. Reminisce about the good times you had

With your loved one who has passed away with supportive friends and family around. Schedule a zoom call or socially distanced gathering where you all can celebrate and share your favorite memories of them.

4. Have a simple act of Memorial.

Remember your loved one by lighting a candle, planting a flower in your garden, or visiting a place that was special to you or your loved one (considering current pandemic restrictions).

5. Remember your loved one with a card or flowers.

If you feel comfortable, you could write out a card sharing your thoughts and feeling and place flowers somewhere significant.

6. Call our emotional support helpline.

Our crisis counselors are here to listen and support you during this difficult time.

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