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Try to be physically active, ideally several times each week, taking part in activities you enjoy. This will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Mindful movement such as yoga or tai chi. Not sure where to start? Start with simple, focused stretching. Focus your attention on your muscles and clear your mind.

Use of Humor. Laughing has been found to boost your mood and health. Find time to let your guard down and get a good laugh in every day!

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Journal writing. Journal with intent by starting with a positive prompt. For example, “If I made myself a priority in my life, what would that look like?”.

Spiritual and religious practices. Nurture relationships in your spiritual community. Cultivating a spiritual life has been found to develop a peace of mind and reduce overall stress.

Breathing exercises. Stress is physical and emotional. Breathing exercises stabilize your physical stress and can reduce your emotional stress.

Meditation. Mediation is a practice that improves the mind and body balance. Anxiety can be the consequence of experiencing too much stress at once! Mediation can alleviate this pressure.

Progressive muscle relaxation. Stress often becomes stored in our muscles, causing tension. Progressive muscle relaxation eases the tension and promotes mindful thinking.

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Visualization. This involves mental imagery to unwind and relieve stress. By accessing your imagination, you can achieve a more relaxed state of mind right where you are sitting!

Stay in contact with loved ones, including family and friends. Connecting with others can lead to increased happiness. Taking the time to reach out to your family and friends will reduce stress.

Try to avoid increasing use of alcohol and other drugs. During times of stress, substances can offer a false sense of happiness. Be mindful of any substance use and work toward practicing other coping skills to improve your mood and decrease your stress.

Strive to sleep and eat well. Maintaining a healthy sleep hygiene has been found to improve a person’s mood and reduce their stress levels.

Information retrieved from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA, 2020)

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