As we’re shifting into a different phase of the pandemic, we’re also transitioning into a new season.

Many of us spring into action with a ritualistic like cleansing of our home to welcome in the new season. The act of decluttering, throwing out junk, and wiping away the dust bunnies has shown to reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve moods.

While spring cleaning our physical space has many benefits, airing out our inner mental spaces can be quite as clarifying and can go a long way in supporting our emotional health. After all, it’s been said that a clear space equals a clear mind.

Here are some tips on how to do some spring cleaning for the mind as we continue to cope with the challenges of COVID.

Set your intentions…

Spring is known to be the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken, and the earth seems to come to life again as farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly rise. Take this time to think about what you’d like to grow in your own mental garden. What new goals would you like to work on this season? Think about what and how you’d like to spend your time, energy, and money (T.E.M) …more intentionally.

Declutter your digital space…

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your devices or online, this might be a good time to go through and declutter. This can include going through the apps you have on your devices, looking through your contacts list, and going through your social media feed to be more intentional with what or who you follow. It’s a great time to remove or mute things or people that no longer interest you and add things that you would love to learn about – things that excite and motivate you. Take more control of your digital space by picking and choosing what you’d like to see more of, not just keeping what’s been there.

Reassess your notifications…

Anytime your phone flashes a notification, this takes your attention away from whatever it is you were doing at that moment. This can pull you away from your friends, family, and other obligations. Reassessing what notifications you do and don’t need can be handy in helping you focus more. For example, consider if you need to know any time someone likes your photo on Facebook, or can you wait to find out once you log on? Unless the notifications are urgent, consider turning them off.

Declutter your mind…

Release your thoughts, ideas, and plans into a journal. It can be helpful to organize your thoughts and physically let it all out and begin reflecting on them. Throughout COVID-19, many people have been in survival mode – which is common during a crisis. Survival mode is when our brains begin to function in a different capacity due to any real-life threats or perceived threats to our safety. It can cause us to constantly feel on the edge. Take some time to reflect on how you may have been operating through survival mode and how you can begin to transition to a more balanced mode where you aren’t so hard on yourself or body.

Change up your routine…

As temperatures are rising, add more time outdoors into your routine whether it is taking more frequent walks or planning more events outdoors. This can also help with boosting your vitamin D.

Reevaluate your relationships…

The people in our lives can have a huge impact on our well-being. As you’re being more intentional with your time, energy, and money, think about who lifts you up or gets you down? Who do you want to spend more time with, and who would you prefer to see less? Our relationships may be changed throughout COVID-19, so taking some time to reflect on these questions can be beneficial in evaluating your current relationships and how to spark more joy within them.

We hope these tips help you spring into action through these current transitions. For more support, reach out to our Crisis Counselors today.

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