If you’re feeling anxious about your area opening back up, you’re not alone.

After over a year of being in a pandemic and adapting to new triple Rs – Rules Regulations and Routines – it can be difficult transitioning back to normal. Normal can look different for everyone as COVID has changed many things in people’s lives. It is okay to feel uneasy and tense at times. You may even find yourself overthinking things you have never used to think twice about. Whether it’s turning a doorknob, commuting on public transportation, or socializing with friends and colleagues… it may bring up a lot.

Below are some tips on how to cope with reopening anxiety. Just a reminder… everyone’s comfort level will be different. Keep in mind the impacts of COVID-19 and try to be mindful of what could have changed in the lives of others. Not everyone had the same experience during this time.

1. First things first…decide what you’re most comfortable with and what is best for you!

This way you can work on establishing your boundaries based on your comfort level.

2. Acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings…as you are feeling them. Talk about it, with friends/family members/ colleagues. You might find out, you’re not alone!

3. If you’re feeling nervous about you or your family members returning to work or school, inquire about the safety measures that are being put in place within these institutions.  

4. Think about the new habits that you have implemented during the pandemic, which ones would you want to include in your new routine?

Think about some things that you missed during the pandemic and which ones you want to slowly add back into your routine. This can give you something to look forward to as things are slowly opening back up.

5. Remind yourself of how far you have come!

As humans, we are natural adapters. Just as we adapted to life during the pandemic, we can also learn to transition back into post pandemic life. It just may take some time, compassion, and patience!

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