Lack of focus can be due to many things whether it is working from home, not having a designated space specifically for work, having family around, many distractions – or just feeling overwhelmed with everything at once. Being able to concentrate and feel in control has never been harder. Here’s how to stay focused and zone in on what really matters.

Procrastination can be frustrating and may have us feeling a lack of control around the time and work. Important questions to ask yourself if you find yourself struggling with procrastination:

  • Do you feel equipped to do this work?
  • Is there anyone that can support you with this task?
  • Can you change the setting to somewhere with less distractions?
  • Do you need more time allotted for this task?
  • Is there a way to make this task more enjoyable?
  • What are some things you can complete or you have more control over vs. things you do not?
  • Can you break up the workload to smaller tasks?

Some tips to help you regain focus if you’re working from home…

  • Establish a work routine. Have a start time and an end time to encourage consistency.
  • Create a designated work area. Avoid working in bed or anywhere you tend to rest or relax.
  • Put your phone away in another room to avoid external distractions.
  • Focus on the quality of work not quantity. It’s less about how long you spend on the work and more about the value of the work you put out.
  • Once you’ve complete tasks, reward yourself with breaks or a favorite treat to encourage stability.
  • Dress up as if you are going to work! Studies show that the clothes you wear have a huge impact on your productivity.
  • Go for a walk. Make sure to get some physical activity in so you’re not sitting for the entire day.

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